Singapore, Bukit Timah - 538ft / 164m


The second high point on my trip was to Singapore, I flew there from Colombo via Kuala Lumpur. It was to be a lot more straightforward than the Sri Lankan high point a few days earlier. I just needed to catch 3 MRT trains from the airport to the start of the trail at Beauty World.


It was 37c and very humid indeed. Albeit only 164m myself along with everyone else on the trail were dripping with sweat. As I walked through gorgeous forests that were so noisy with squawking and humming it felt so surreal that I was in the middle of Singapore with the main city just a few miles away.


There were snakes, spiders, large monitor lizards and many monkeys swinging in the trees all around. It was absolutely fascinating and I would highly recommend going there to anyone visiting Singapore even if transiting. After an hour or so I was standing on the summit of Bukit Timah the highest point in Singapore and I sat there for an hour to relax and cool off while watching the monkeys swinging in the trees and approaching every newcomer en route before I leisurely headed back down caught the 3 MRT trains and back to the airport ready for the next high point.