Hungary, Kekes - 1014m/3327ft

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Hungary 47.872597, 20.007992

My trip to the highest point in Hungary strangely came about due to a long standing desire to visit Tel Aviv in Israel. I had found and was able to reduce significantly "Using several tricks" the price of flights from my local airport Birmingham to Budapest then on wards to Tel Aviv returning the same way.

On my return leg I decided to spend the full day in Budapest with the aim of catching a bus I had previously researched knowing I would have just about enough time to get to Kekesteto (Kekes 1014m) and back to Budapest the same day. The downside being I wouldn't have long to get to the summit and back onto the bus, The journey was to take around 2 hours each way. It was comfortable and I slept for the majority of the journey having spent a lot of time walking around Tel Aviv over the previous few days.

The bus wound up forested roads and finally came to a stop. I knew I needed to catch the same bus back to Budapest and it was due to leave again in ~40 minutes so I quickly jumped off and headed up a gradual flight of stone steps nearby which according to my phones maps would take me to the colourful summit stone and the large tower on the summit area. After a short walk uphill I reached a memorial area for motorcyclists covered with many pictures and flowers.

Looking a few hundred meters ahead I could see the summit stone. I headed straight towards it as I noticed several other people from the bus where on the way up and as time was tight I wanted to ensure I got my photos and videos without waiting for others. There wasn't much of a view due to the forested area but there was a small restaurant and several trails.

For a relatively "Low" high point the Hungarians have, by simply painting a large stone on the summit with their national colours made Kekes really stand out and memorable.