About 100countryhighpoints

I'm Lee Humphries, A British adventurer aiming to stand on the highest point of 100 countries around the world. Including the highest points in Africa, Europe and South America.

Israel, Har Meron – 1208m

While climbing Mount Olympus in Greece a few months earlier I had met and assisted two Israeli guys who said “When you decide to climb Israel’s high point get in touch and we can climb it together!”. Perfect I thought, So I did just that. I contacted them and I started planning and working on the logistics.

Greece, Mount Olympus (Mytikas Peak) – 2917m

Having had an attempt to climb Mytikas peak the highest point on Mount Olympus thwarted by snow and lack of visibility five years ago, I wasn’t going to take any chances and gave myself an extra day there just in case. I had previously climbed to within 100 vertical meters of the summit last time so I didn’t need to do a great deal of research regarding the route or planning transport. I simply rechecked train and bus times online and after finding reasonably priced flights I once again headed to Thessaloniki.

Romania, Moldoveanu – 2544m

I was extremely motivated to climb Moldoveanu in Romania having cancelled a trip to climb it a few weeks earlier due to a close family member being in hospital. The weather forecast on Mountain-forecast.com (my go-to mountain weather site) was showing heavy rain for the whole period while I would be in Romania and rain it did!