About 100countryhighpoints

I'm Lee Humphries, A British adventurer aiming to stand on the highest point of 100 countries around the world. Including the highest points in Africa, Europe and South America.

Dominica, Morne Diablotins – 1447m

I had just boarded a ferry from Castries, Saint Lucia heading to Roseau, Dominica via Martinique. This was to be the second of a multi-country high point Caribbean adventure. I chose the ferry as it was half the price of a flight and having already been… let’s say disappointed with many Caribbean airlines I certainly wanted to avoid them if possible, especially as the only airline option had a 1 out of 5 rating! With several reviews saying they had to give a 1 as there was no zero option.

Saint Lucia, Mount Gimie – 950m

This multi-country high point adventure would encompass 3 country high points that eluded me last year due to being stranded in Curacao after 5 cancelled flights over 5 days forcing me to abandon the rest of that trip. So this time the plan was Saint Lucia and Dominica highest point and then continue onto Sint Maarten, St Kitts and finally Antigua as planned last year. I would also be looking to squeeze in Anguilla and Saint Martin as territorial high points over the 15 days also.

Lebanon, Qurnat as Sawda – 3088m

After successfully climbing to the highest point In Egypt I took a direct AirArabia flight from Sharm El Sheikh to Beirut. I had pre-arranged a taxi to meet me at the airport take me to my hotel just over 2 hours away in Cedars, Bcharre located at the foot of the highest mountains in Lebanon including of course the countries highest point Qurnat as Sawda (3088m).

Egypt, Gebel Katherîna – 2629m

Egypt was my first country high point for several months after a difficult summer, losing a close family member, a fantastic person and a true friend. As I spend a great deal of the time on my own during my country high point trips I needed some time to be in a place mentally where I could just focus on the task at hand.

Trinidad and Tobago, Aripo Peak – 940m

Trinidad and Tobago was the third country of a multi-country high point adventure where I had already successfully stood on the highest point in Barbados and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines a few days earlier. I caught a pre-booked shuttle to my hotel to spend the rest of the day relaxing as I had an onward flight to Grenada at 22:00 the following evening so had planned for an early start allowing myself enough time to get to the trailhead in the mountains, climb through the jungle to the highest point of the country and then have time to spare to pick my spare gear up from the hotel before heading to the airport.